The quarantine memes we still need!


Article by Sophie Ann Gatward Wicks

With lockdown now being gingerly lifted in many countries around the world, and people starting to dip their toes into a re-emerging society, we are at last beginning the transition from full on quarantine, to what can be described as a “cautious lifestyle”. One of the many things that still continue to carry us through these strange times is a good dose of humour.

quarantine memes

The internet has been abuzz with comedy since the start of quarantine, showcasing the struggles we’re all facing and helping us find the funny parts about life as we now know it. In the wise words of William Arthur Ward: “A well-developed sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.”

Since news of the virus first started circulating at the beginning of 2020, people started to take unusual precautions. Once the whole world had gone into lockdown, it was commonplace to be ”overly” concerned with contracting the virus and preventing cross contamination. Disinfecting surfaces, and ourselves, multiple times throughout the day has now been embraced, even encouraged.

quarantine memes

No longer is it seen as an obsessive compulsive disorder to wash your hands constantly, clean like the queen is coming over or wipe down everything with disinfecting wipes before and after touching it.

In fact, it’s a certifiably smart way of navigating the outside world and preventing the spread of coronavirus. So if you catch yourself disinfecting the bottle of hand sanitizer, or wiping down the packet of wet wipes, please know, you haven’t lost it, you’re just being smart. Even if it does have your hands feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in The Terminator. Hand cream is the only thing that will save you now.

quarantine memes

2020 was going to be the year. Wasn’t it? Well, sometimes life doesn’t work out that way. Epically depicted by the contrast in John Travolta and the leading ladies from Grease 1978 and Pulp Fiction 1994 in these car scenes.

quarantine memes

Quentin Tarantino approves of this message.

quarantine memes

In the name of doomsday movies and dramatic plot twists, this is not what Hollywood geared us up for all these years. The hope is that it ends here and doesn’t just keep spiraling into uncontrollable chaos.

quarantine memes
quarantine memes

For art to flourish in mainstream society, it’s got to stay relevant. The only thing worth reaching out for right now in someone else’s hand, is some sanitizer:

quarantine memes

This next one is really for the homebodies, but also for anyone who has become accustomed to their new way of life. Being forced to stay indoors for so long can condition even the most extroverted of people to get used to staying home week after week, inventing their own entertainment in the absence of the usual out-of-the-house evening escapades. For those who already stayed in for most of their down-time, it has only become more ingrained in their way of life.

quarantine memes

Furthermore, everyone who complied with the lockdown rules has been receiving their own personal validation and government praise for doing so. It is no longer lame to stay in on a Saturday night, nor are you considered a loner for not socializing.

God help the introverts when this is all over.

The chaotic energy in this next one is hilariously tangible. Safe to say that gaining weight and overeating the past few months has not only been the norm, but entirely understandable. It wouldn’t be surprising if they introduced sweatpants and tracksuit bottoms into the workplace as the new ”smart casual” dress code going forward.

So many weddings were cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19. The same can be said about everyone’s planned holidays.

quarantine memes
quarantine memes

With all the frustrations of cancelled holidays, and wanderlust being crushed, at least we can say we’re all going through it. Instead of the holiday, we’re doing household chores. Which have now become the glue that holds the day together. Cooking > washing up > eating > washing up… Only to start baking, and then… washing up. Just to do it all over again. Sure, touring around Sydney, Australia right about now would have been nice, but hey! Try a new recipe…that’ll make it better.

quarantine memes

The families that win are the families that bring the outside, in.

@sherenenevilleI think dad enjoys the fair more than us♬ original sound – shereneneville

Throughout the tragedy and hardships that society has faced during these times, and the chaos inflicted on the healthcare sector, medical workers have remained steadfast. Here’s to all the emergency workers and medical personnel who still manage to put their backs in it and keep a smile on their faces – and ours!

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“Through humour, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” –(Bill Cosby)

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